February 1, 2011

please vote. :)

like in the last post, i posted a picture on i heart faces. could i ask a biiigg huuuge favor of you all?

could you all vote for me?  


i'm number 53. 

thanks. :) 


Sandpiper said...

You take beautiful pictures! I will definitely vote for your picture. You really captured the essence of a newborn.

sarah b said...

ellie i can't vote for you because when we get on our comp it says "can't vote for your own". is there any way you can log out for me so that i can vote for you? thx

Hannah B said...

I voted for you! You have a gorgeous picture. You have a lot of votes too! I did a baby too! Babies seem to be popular subjects! Maybe because they're so cute!(I'm number 126) :)

Aimee said...

I voted!

ellie be said...

thank you all so much! :)

hannah joy said...

i voted yesterday!! :)