February 3, 2011

there are many things i love about this picture.

a. matt is the only one wearing gray.
b. all of the girls sitting except me are holding their knees. i missed the memo apparently. 
c. mr. keeler has a cool squarish-hat. 
d. the way lizzy is holding her mcdonalds cup
e. all of the different facial expressions (i.e. elliot, robert, david, noelle, elise, and anthony.)
f. the fact that these people are my favorite ever. i miss them a lot. i miss running with them.

and here ends my personal note. 

btw: all of my dates for the laughter project are full except for feb. 25 and march 5. so i will be DEFINITELY adding more. thanks to all who have signed up!!



hannah joy said...

aww! love this picture! goooooood tiiimmmmes!