March 15, 2011

kristen [personal]

way back when i was a little kid, kristen babysat for us. and she was the. best. 

i remember tickle wars, dress up, trips to the park, story-telling, scrapbooking, singing, and dancing. but most of all i remember the photo shoots.

she brought her point-and-shoot camera at first, and then her nikon slr when she got it. i used to beg her to do photo shoots (my sisters were not happy. they would have much rather played.) we would set up backdrops, or just do candid shots. i would pose sometimes, and SOMETIMES she would let me hold her camera and it felt like gold, people, solid gold. i say that kristen was the main person who inspired me to jump into photography and it is true. she one time brought a photography magazine and i skimmed through it. i remember thinking, "this is what i want to do. i want to be a photographer." 

fast forward a few years and kristen is a full-blown amazing wedding photographer and i am a portrait photographer. we both do what we love. 

so kristen, if you do read this, thank you. you definitely invested in my little mind more than you probably know. but more than photography, you love God and serve Him most. you love your siblings and friends with a joyful, servants heart. thank you thank you thank you. i love you so much!