March 14, 2011

my junior class [personal]

we are slightly odd. but these are some of the best people on earth. not even joking. 

the only reason i don't like this picture is because i look like i emerged from some happy fun land traumatized by what i saw there. oh well.

on another note, i am getting my braces off tomorrow. after TWO YEARS. i am so excited. like happy fun land excited. but not traumatizing happy fun land. 

so more photography stuff to come. i have some senior shoots coming up and of course laughter project all in the month of april. :) if you want your pictures taken EMAIL ME. i want to take your pictures. :D



Daniel Garay said...

do you have more of these???

Hannah said...

haha if you want to come to New Hampshire.....I'd love to have you take my pictures!!

kylie said...

yeah what dan said I'd love to see them :D

Aimee said...

I third that =)