March 1, 2011

three, er, phrases.

frozen corn, basketball games, and the book of hebrews.

my weekend summed up in three words. actually more like, nine, but three phrases.

last weekend i attended the covenant life school girls + boys varsity pvac championship games. wow that's a mouthful. anyway, they both won! the boys game was especially intense. they were down by 14 in the third quarter, and came back to win in the last minute of the game! [below is a video of the end of the guys game. if you look closely, i do rush the court. :D] cls is white.

[video by mr. harris]

as for the frozen corn, we had not yet done our massive shopping excursion so there was nothing to eat. so i opened the freezer and poured myself a small bowl of frozen corn. it was quite yummy, in fact, it is one of my favorite snacks now. :)

the book of hebrews is one of the best books of the Bible (if I could have one!). i have been reading through it and have definitely been inspired by truths like...

- Christ took our place on the cross and that is how we can approach God
- Christ died once for all and we don't have to do anything to earn favor/salvation from God
- unlike the Israelites who offered continually sacrifices in order to find favor with God, all we have to do is believe that Christ died for our sins and we are completely forgiven.
- God loves us because of Christ's work, not our work.

amazing stuff. and one amazing weekend to boot. i have another one coming up, including a laughter project session and a junior party for my class! pictures from both will be coming. :D

oh and i loved the response to the last post about child's television! ;) how was your weekend? let's get some more reader participation here. :D


Mary said...

Haha, I discovered how good frozen corn is early in my life, and still love it!

sarah b said...

I LOVE frozen corn too. :D