April 16, 2011

funshop: day one

"She's giving us weird looks!"
"Let her look, we want to dance!"

Today started at 10am. With me carrying my equipment (it legit looked like I was moving the American Army) up to Kristen's apartment. I had my backpack, duffel bag, iMac (this is not a laptop and it's not light) and shootsac. I met the two delightful girls that I am interning with, Anna and Rachel, and we hit off immediately. Which was good. 

We started talking about our brands and who we are. We filled out questionnaires about what we liked, what we wanted to be, etc. Then, we picked three words that described our personalities. I picked "fun, yellow, and passionate." Yellow is my favorite color but the characteristics that supposedly come with that are strikingly like my own. So it's cool. :)

We had lunch made by our lovely hostess and maaaan can she cook. It was good.

After lunch, we talked a bit more and then ran off to our shoot with janet + audrey. it was 1:30, sun was shining, and the environment was a bit hard to work with but it was SO GOOD. they were so cooperative and I loved shooting them. 

Aaaafter the shoot (I feel like an obituary writer. It's so thisandthat. Oh well.) we came home and looked through everyone's pictures and comment, encouraging, and giving critiques. THAT was helpful. We then proceeded to talk about the couple shoot we will be doing on Monday. We each get our own couple and we get to style it as well. So, we did that which was awesome. I'm not going to tell you ANYTHING until after the shoot :) 

and we went to chipotle! i got a burrito bowl which was so yum. 

then we went skipping down the street acting wonderfully crazy. :) aaand then we got pedicures. best surprise of my life. 

Then we watched "Return to Me" (soooo cute) and went to bed. So that's the first day. And the second day is going strong. Update tomorrow :D 


hannah joy said...

have so much fun ellie! love yahh! :)

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