April 13, 2011

spring time [personal]

spring time the only pretty ring time 
birds sing hey ding
sweet lovers love 
the spring

willy wonka - willy wonka and the chocolate factory 

i absolutely love the spring. that's when the warm weather comes and ice cream shops open and the cherry trees bloom. 

school ends and flip flops come out and my birthday comes. :)

honestly, the fact that i have two more weeks of highschool math left thrills me. and four weeks of junior year left. say whaaat? love it. loooove it. 

this weekend i will be at i'm kristen's funshop along with three other lovely ladies that i don't exactly know yet. but it will be wonderful and there will be many pictures. [plus i still need to post a family session!] 

thanks for looking :D


Rachel Clarke said...

I love spring too. I just took pictures of my sisters jumping in mud. (and now I have to whipe the 5 year olds feet. :P) Yay for green grass!

jenfarlow said...

we can't wait for our family session! :)