April 14, 2011

think of now.

Think of now as the changing point in my blog. New font, new look (soon to come) I'm pretty much starting over. Why?

Wellll I'm the kind of person that jumps into things. Fast. Like a race car. So when I did my website last year, I took my time. Sloooowly I picked my colors and stuff for my blog + website. And I liked it. Truly and really. I did. But, now every time I pull up my blog I'm dissatisfied. It's too "dark" with the grey and the orange doesn't hit a bell with me anymore. (I def made up a catch phrase there. Preeeetty sure.) 

So, this weekend, while I am at Kristen's cute-o apartment, I am going to shift things up a little bit. Some new colors (esp. incorporating my FAV color which happens to be yellow) and some new logos and branding etc. Some new pictures and other fun stuff. And guess what folks. I'm going to take at least 6 months to decide what I am going to do for sure. I want to really love it. I want to open up my blog and website and SQUEAL with delight. And I want you to love it. But I really would like it to reflect my photography and what my business is all about. 

Which I don't exactly know yet. That's why I'm going to figure it out this weekend. Boom baby. And in case you were wondering, the picture of Jude has nothing to do with the content of this post. It's completely included because he is the most adorable boy on the planet. 

So, I hope to post daily updates on the funshop and its fun. Stay tuned.


Sara said...

I think it looks adorable right now! Very fun, happy and cute!