April 15, 2011

those three. :)

so today was pretty much the best first day of any funshop that will ever happen ever.

and i will post a more detailed recap but my ASSIGNMENT [psh it's photography. so it's not like i can't stand assignments. i l-o-v-e these in fact.] is to post three pictures from today's session that sum up my brand. more details about this later, but my three words i picked are "fun, yellow, and passionate" to sum up me and my business/brand. so here are the pictures and like i said a detailed recap will be coming later :D



yellow [ i will expand on this :D]

so yep. more fuuun coming later. and details about the two super cute interns that i am with. um psh yes. 


Hannah B. said...

cuteeeeee...!! sounds like fun...:) of course.