April 4, 2011

yasmeen + elise [senior photography]

when you have those friends that you grow up and graduate with, it makes high school amazing. 

these two girls light up any room they are in. their friendship is so wonderful. 

elise. she's a runner, verse memorizer, and she is brilliantly artistic. she loves the Lord and genuinely cares for people. she also loves to pray which gives you a deeper desire to do so too. her laugh is amazing as well. :)

yasmeen. what can i say. we did drivers ed together and that's enough. haha :D i love this girl from the bottom of my heart. we have so many jokes and memories. she is so humble. ALWAYS ready to share what is going on her life and ask for prayer. 

we hopped over to jimmie cone and got some icecream. it was most fun ordering and then coming back for mine and then coming back for a spoon. :)

they are so beautiful.

i mean come on. they can make a green wall, air conditioning unit, and a red awning look good. 

girls it was SO MUCH FUN to park at the horse riding farm, and traipse across muddy fields and creeks. thanks for the ice cream. :) [by the way, i take the pictures of the best people.] 


brooke slack said...

how cute! I love them!

Carrie said...

These are great! I think my favorites are the 3rd ones of each of them and the giggly ones. :) Great job, Ellie!

Robert Benjamin said...

aww my two senior sisters are growing up...

Anonymous said...

ellie! thanks sooo much! i looooove the pictures <3. what can i say? you are just so much fun to hang out with--i just love all of our "jokes". and i'm still waiting to re-enact the sprite episode. you are the best! love you!


Elise Switzer said...

i love these so much!!!!!! they are the greatest ever. thanks for taking them. i really can't wait to see the rest. :D