May 4, 2011

phone pics [personal]

I have so many sessions to post. But, I thought that I would post first (It's not procrastination. Honestly.) some personal pictures that I've taken with my phone and edited with this super cool phone app ShakeItPhoto. Enjoy :)  


 spanish buddayyys! :) 

 hanging with some cool middleschoolers at a baseball game. oh yeah. 

 the cutest boy besides jude. a-dorable. 

 me and hannah. [or i should say, hannah and i :p] anyway, this is from the youth banquet at our church. 

 me and my sistaas. love them so much. 

just yum.  

 some amazing friends. :) 

 izze. again. haha :D 

anna and i. my fellow intern. we are so cool.  

my early morning-advanced math face. this is for posterity. alone.  

aaaand the cutest restaurant: beans in the belfry. 


Carrie said...

Love these. What a cool app. :)

Rachel Clarke said...

Awww! These are great. :)


Corrie said...

ah- aren't we sooo cool?! ;) I love all of these! Miss you girl!