May 27, 2011

Pretzel flats + fire [funshop]

We all laughed at Anna's blog, Rachel's photo booth, and my obsession with late night math. We stayed up late watching movies and eating pretzel flats. I moved the American Army, Rachel took videos of everything, and Anna had a 3 hour long phone call. We walked through stores like soldiers, bought $5 shirts, made a video acting like our wonderful hostess, and typed like madmen on our computers (I had a system. Because I am just like that.)

Kristen watched. And stamped on umbrellas. No bigs.

Those three girls made my life so much happier. I've known Kristen for a long time but Anna and Rachel were so awesome to meet and hang out with. It's like long lost buddies reunite. That's us. So here's to us. Go check out their photography blogs after reading these little blurbs about them. 

photo by rachel :)

Anna is like a firecracker from Oklahoma. She has REAL COWGIRL BOOTS. I almost died and went to heaven. She has an awesome family of 15 people that you could totally tell were the center of her life. (and they still are. but I was using past tense because the funshop was in the PAST. okay.) 

We have talked since the Funshop a lot (hurrayyy for texting!) and I have gotten to see her sweet and spunky sides come out. She is just crazy amazing and wonderful. 

Rachel, I had the pleasure of emailing before the Funshop even started which was AWESOME. We got there and just hit it off right away. She is so crazy and has an awesome sense of humor to boot. She was the one that kept us going (of the three interns) with her common sense. 

Anna: "Yeah fire is great."
Me: "The burning kind? Orrr." 
Rachel: "GUYS. There is only one kind of fire." 


She is godly and wonderful and I love her. We talked on the phone a few nights ago sharing our stories of the past month and it was wonderful. I miss this girl. A. Lot. 

So go read their blogs. And comment. And say HI. 


Rachel Clarke said...

O Ellie O Anna O Kristen. This makes me miss you guys thiiiiis much: <------------->

(that's infinite, fyi.)

that was fun. can we have a re-do? Please and thank you.