May 17, 2011

zach [maryland children photography]

This little boy melted my heart. He was woken up from his nap to have this session and I was a bit nervous. Because you know, no naps = fussy kiddos

I was surprised. He was a little grumpy looking when we first started and then warmed up to the camera. And it was amazing. 

This kid was crazy cute. He pretty much did whatever we made him do. Another bonus. 

And I'm finally back to blogging! Whew and I have so many sessions to post. Like 5 or something. Be excited. :) 


bekah grace photography said...

yess!! and post me! hahah :) jk

Rachel Clarke said...

Awww!! So precious! Great job. :D


Hannah B. said...

yes!! im being excited... and impatient. i love your work, ellie. it's so amazing to see how awesomely it has flourished so quickly into all this gorgeous stuff!! lovely images!

brooke slack said...

how cute! :)