June 6, 2011

flor-eeee-da [personal]

10:30pm. In the car, checking off our last day for our vacation to Sanibel Island. We started to drive. We drove through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and lots of Florida. Yes, that's 19 hours y'all. 

We arrived at the beautiful island the next day. Tired, and extremely ready to see the salty water and white sand, we ran from the car with our bags and into our condo. As we walked through the house, I caught a glimpse of our view from the back porch. Gasp, the ocean. Through palm trees I could catch a view of the horizon. The blue water looked so inviting. We quickly applied sunscreen and put on our bathing suits and ran to the beach. Across the cobblestone pathway and over the grass, we arrived. We all stopped. It was so beautiful. No waves, just the gentle breeze. Shells scattered the white sand and complimented the beautiful trees. It was amazing. And it made me grateful for my camera. 

Three days later, I pulled out my camera to take a picture and the focus didn't work. I tried again, fiddled with a few settings and again, it wouldn't focus. 

So I only took a few pictures in Florida. And I'm going to go take my camera into a shop to see what they say about it. Hopefully it can be fixed soon. 



Anonymous said...

sounds like you had fun! :)

bekah grace photography said...

no way!!! oh man. that is sad, no focus. :'(

Hannah B. said...

Like even on manual focus?? Bummer.