June 17, 2011

k + s [maryland senior photography]

The wet, hazy days of April were continuing. Driving around Damascus looking for a field that wasn't wet and didn't have long grass wasn't as easy as it sounded. The clouds covered the sun which also didn't make the day very promising. I started to get nervous (what's that you say? photographers aren't supposed to get nervous? oh, whoops). These two girls however, were happy as clams driving and walking throughout the city. They thought they knew of a place so we stopped there. It was a corn field that wasn't wet and did not have long grass covering the surface. SCORE. We headed over the field and the sun peeked out of it's hiding place. I silently thanked God for the beautiful day it was turning out to be as I shot away. Kendall and Shannon are beautiful girls: inside and out. They have been friends since kindergarten (cuuute!!) and definitely rocked out these pictures together. Girls, thanks so much for letting me do this for you. Congratulations on graduating!! 



Aaaaand finish up with a fun one.  


Sara said...

These are gorgeous. I love the bright colors! Oh and the ones with the cowboy hat are def. my favs!

Carrie said...

I reallllllly like these, Ellie. A lot. :)

Corrie said...

Looooovveee them! I def support the ones with the cowboy hat! ;)