June 28, 2011

life these days. [phone edition]

Sometimes life just has random things that make you happy. Here's to those moments captured on my phone [which explains the completely all-over-the-map white balance and blurriness. ah well.] and for the little moments in YOUR life. 

I had Cheesecake Factory for the first time this week. It was amazing, and yes. That is the 1600 calorie piece of cheesecake. Don't judge me. 

This made my day when I saw this at Hallmark. Isn't it cute? I want to be outrageously happy when I grow up. :) 

A perfectly healthy salad [to balance the 1600 calories of cheesecake I inhaled on Sunday]. It was very yummy. 

Jude likes to play on my phone and I found this as a label for an alarm. I'm guessing it has a secret 16 month year old meaning? 

And in the good news arena [like that all up there wasn't good news. psh.] it looks like my pictures can be recovered. Thank you for all of your support and encouragements and "I hope you can get them back!" messages. :) 


Rachel Clarke said...

YES! I'm so glad you got them back.

What a happy post. I have yet to go to the cheesecake factory...thanks for that picture.



Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Glad you can get them back. Happy thought! What are you using to get them back? Is it a software or just a recovery program?

~Hannah B

Corrie said...

Love this post. :) Outrageously happy. I like that. ;)