June 8, 2011

new and improved

This is my bedroom. Thought I would give you a little peek into what I see when I wake up in the morning. ;) And I took these pictures when it was clean so please don't be impressed with the tidy desk and the made bed. Definitely happens every day. NOT. 

The photo collage above my bed is my absolute favorite thing about my room. It was so easy, I might post a tutorial some time because it makes my day waking up to my family and friend's faces. You can update the pictures too which is fun. 

Changing the subject [I hate to do this when I talk. Oh well, here it goes.] Go check out the about me page. It's new and improved and it explains why I changed my business name from "Ellie B Photography" to "Ellie Be Photography."

Have a great weekend and enjoy your family and friends and the other amazing people in your life. :) 


HI THERE. said...

I found the picture of us on your wall. :D

Anonymous said...

WOAH I am blown away by the awesomeness of your about me page! Good job! :D

Also just thought I'd throw in that the color of your bedroom walls is the EXACT color I want my room to be painted this summer! Right now it is pink :P so we need to change it. Haha :D

brooke slack said...

I LOVE the photo collage is so cool!! is ezy (ezra) lockhart in it? i miss them SOOOOOO much!