June 29, 2011

summer celebration [the behind the scenes part]

Last week, I was a photographer at our church's kids camp. It was amazing and fun and wonderful. I captured some wonderful pictures of the kids. Cute, funny, enthusiastic children. Running around being chased with water and also worshiping their little hearts out. But we [being the photographers] also captured some behind the scenes pictures of us. And to be completely honest, they are my favorite. There is something so special about sharing photography with others and being on this AWESOME TEAM for a week, three hours a day made my week spectacular. It was really wonderful. 

Natalie & Nicki. These girls are so funny and amazing photographers. Definitely have a modeling career in their future, right girls? :) 

All artwork by Natalie. Maaan that girl can draw. :) 

This was our balloon that we all signed. I'm not sure it had a name. But it was definitely cute... until I popped it by accident. Um, oops. 

Another photographer, Elisabeth drew this on Natalie. So cute. 

She is awesome. End. Of. Story. Exclamation Point. 

These are cute little posts I'm doing. A nice summer-y break. :) 


Nicki said...

ahh i love this post :) summer cel was soo much fun..especially with our ellie mama!

Corrie said...

So fun!! Love it. :)