June 8, 2011

summer [personal]

Ah the warm air, the grill going, the sunshiney days, the freedom from school, the chance to relax. Summer is wonderful, definitely my favorite season. My summer has already been filled with exciting things. Can't wait for the rest of it!

 Summer is for the beach. And film pictures. 

Summer is for hammock swings and barefeet and everything else wonderful about this picture. :) 

Summer is for beautiful natural light streaming into your bedroom. 

Summer is for friends, and scooter rides. 

Summer is for running through parking lots at 3am in the morning. (This was on our trip down to FL. Yes, we are insane.) 

Summer is for views like this.

Summer is for sandy legs, the ocean, seaweed, and little boys who love the beach. 

So tell me, how's YOUR summer been so far? And what exciting things do you have planned? 

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Sara said...

I absolutely adore that last picture. So summery. Love it!

Anonymous said...

aaaah love that view! Florida (if that is indeed the famed land of sunshine and oranges) looks amazing!