July 4, 2011

one flag [personal]

"They missed us. THEY MISSED US." "Well, they probably just skipped over our house by accident." "We are in the middle of the neighborhood. Please tell me how they could have skipped us." 

Until now I had no idea that the lack of a small cloth American flag stuck haphazardly into the soft dirt by our mailbox would cause such a ruckus. Every year, a few weeks before July 4th, some people (I actually have never seen them so it could be Independence Day fairies for all I know) put a flag in each person's yard. It's kind of a comforting sight, reminding us daily of the holiday approaching, of the reason we have freedom in this country. 

But when you don't have one, it makes for a disoriented holiday season, at least in my family. Thankfully, that's not what July 4th is about, because if we didn't celebrate because of a flag, that means we would skip the fireworks. NOT COOL. 

Our freedom as a country is amazing. God's GRACE is amazing. I am proud to be an American and I thank God for the privileges I enjoy every day especially the freedom to worship my Savior freely. 

So enjoy your holiday, and if you didn't get a flag either, I'm sorry. We don't have one to give you. 


sarah elaine said...

i'm sorry that you are lacking an itty bitty flag. i didn't get one this year either. :(
maybe the flag-givers are ignoring us!! they're SO mean.

Elisabeth said...

Aw, I'm sorry that the flag people skipped your house. I wonder why, because we got one...