July 26, 2011

reading and other such wonderfulness.

I was the girl who could finish two Nancy Drew's in a day and read through four biographies in a weekend. I literally ate books. Every night, my parents encouraged me to read for a while before falling asleep. Over the last year or so, I slowed down in this habit (not sure why) but because I have been sick lately, I picked it up again with a book called Christy, by Catherine Marshall. NEWS FLASH: why did I stop reading so much? 

My mom loves reading. I love reading. It's a rich heritage that has been passed down. I love books, especially picking up a new one, opening it up to the first page and smelling that fresh smell of ink and paper. It's a treasure. 

Ever since I can remember my wonderful aunt (who happens to love reading as well) has given my siblings and myself a new book every year for Christmas. She writes little notes in front, we have come to call the books she gives us "Aunt Emily books." She has introduced me to books like The Phantom Tollbooth, The Yearling, and To Kill A Mockingbird, which now happily reside on my favorite book list. Last year she got me a book about a photojournalist during the Depression. The photographs are rich with history and are beautifully captured. When pictures and words come together to build something so inspiring it's wonderful. 

The next book on my list is The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien. I have read the first two in the trilogy and I've heard that the author saved the best for last. :) What is on your reading list these days? Any good book suggestions or titles you've enjoyed?


Carrie said...

so glad you're liking reading these days. :)

*the chosen (chaim potok) - interesting book about judaism that has a lot to say about friendship. well written and interesting.
*my name is asher lev (chaim potok) - VERY intense book but one of my all-time faves. not a light read, but so insightful about how art and judaism interact, but more broadly, how people respond to and even worship art in the absence of a Biblical understanding of it.
*true grit (charles portis) - I didn't expect to like this so much but it was quite interesting. the new movie is based on it, but the book is very well done. it's a western.

want to read:
*the screwtape letters (cs lewis)
*uncle tom's cabin (harriet beecher stowe)

Elisabeth said...

This has kind of happened to me lately, too! I haven't been reading much, but I love it, so I'm not sure why...

I agree that the last LOTR book is the best, although I liked the first one just as much. :) As for recommendations, have you ever read the Mysterious Benedict Society?

Daniel Garay said...

the great divorce/screwtape letters/mere christianity --c.s.lewis

uncle tom's cabin --stowe

the pushcart war --jean merril (childhood favorite)

gods and generals/the killer angels/the last full measure --jeff shaara (about civil war, fantastic.)

Randy Alcorn's Deadline trilogy is quite the read as well. enjoy it!

HI THERE. said...

Hunger Games Trilogy - read it and weep. then die. but still fall in love with all three of them. its a mystery really. they way those books make you feel. the way you still love them and want to read them again after theyve built up your intense love of characters only to tear your heart apart in the end.

but you have to read them.

Anonymous said...

the underland chronicles series by suzanne collins. nicely written, not as intense as the hunger games but the same flowing style.

high-five for reading to kill a mockingbird and the phantom tollbooth. i loved both, and the phantom tollbooth is a very old favorite of my dad's.

you should read the silly book by stoo hample. it's a great little kid's book that i can lend to you, it's hard to find in stores.

anything by randy alcorn. he's a talented author and as danny said the deadline, dominion, deception trilogy is great. i loved his stand alone safely home as well.

black beauty. not sure on the author...anna something? but it's a wonderful, wonderful tale that gently addresses so many animal treatment issues of that day. being a dog nerd and a former horse nerd i thoroughly enjoyed it.

i've been saving the best for last. frank peretti.

the man is an utter genius. monster, this present darkness, piercing the darkness, the oath, the visitation - good if you like long books with stunningly good and heavily spiritual plots. just...go read something he wrote. i can guarantee you'll love it. happy reading! :)