July 21, 2011

here in the north.

So I feel like I haven't been here in a long time.

Hi there! :) 

I have some fun weddings and other cool stuff planned so this is just a little stop to say that a new wedding is on my website!!! Check it. Angel and Lindsay are a wonderful couple. So fun and adorable! 

On another note, my summer has been marvelous (i love. that word.) It's been less humid than normal here in unpredictable Maryland so that makes this camper happy. (A shoutout to Anna because she lives in HOT Oklahoma. And giiirrrl how do you do it.) 

In all seriousness I love the South. Like everything about it and it is my life goal to live down there for a few months. So yeah. 

Hope your summer is going marvelously (ahh!) as well! What fun things have you been up to? 


Corrie said...

Yay! A new post! And I love that picture :) I seriously don't know how we survive- but we're still alive at the moment and that's what counts! ;) You know you're alllways welcome down here "in the south"! We're just waiting for you to say when! ;)