September 30, 2011

everyday moments: a collaboration

I love stories. Can I tell you one? Almost a month ago, I was about to press the "exit classroom" button in my online history class. Before I did however, I noticed a name on the list of online participants for the class after me. The girl's first name was Carlotta. I quickly jumped over to Facebook and the Carlotta I had just friended was online. I messaged her and said, "I think you are in the history class after me!" She replied with, "I WAS JUST ABOUT TO WRITE ON YOUR WALL." Boom. Friendship deepened over a history class. We talked over the next few days and found that we both had a love for blogging, writing, and capturing every day moments. A few days later we came up with a project, a collaboration if you will and we are calling it Everyday Moments: A Collaboration. Please check out her darling blog and leave a little note for her. She's amazing and wonderful. We both have our own takes on this project but we both agree on one thing: capturing everyday moments is amazing.


carlotta cisternas said...

yaaaay! I'm so glad I got confused and accidentally entered class early ;) and these photos are so pretty!

simi said...

I love the little things too, and I'm so glad to see carlotta and you teaming up to inspire the rest of us :)
~Simi (giveaway at the blog)

Rachel Clarke said...

Awwww Ellie!!!!!! Love these! :D