October 22, 2011

jojo [maryland senior photography]


You are gorgeous girl. :) 

Okay. She won extra points (who knew I was giving out points right?) because she brought quotes to use in the pictures. I HEART when people come up with ideas like this! Woot woot! 

HAVE I MENTIONED that she is so pretty? Because she is. :) 

Aaand that's a wrap. :) 


rachel esther said...

She is gorgeous!

bekah grace photography said...

where is that??? the location i mean. !! goodness

Carli said...

what a beautiful girl! I really like your style. I'm following now!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the last one! :)

Rachel Clarke said...

So cute Ellie! Wonderful job... especially with the shots in the woods.

Holly said...

she is absoultely beautiful!
great photography : )