November 22, 2011

banana bread + life lessons

Yesterday I decided to make banana bread. At the last minute, I asked Hattie if she wanted to come make it with me and she got really excited. She helped me gather the ingredients and pulled up a chair so she could reach the mixer. 

As she cracked the eggs and poured the flour, the counter slowly became messier and messier. I was tempted to tell her to pour it slower, or watch where she put the egg shells but I let it go. She was having so much fun. 

You know what I learned? It really doesn't matter. I think it took me about 5 seconds to wipe up the sugar off the floor, egg off the counter, and flour off the mixer. I made a memory with her and I know she had a blast. So did I. Seeing her smile was so worth the tiny bit of extra work I did. 

Let go. I am going to sound so cliche but this Thanksgiving break, really do take a break and be thankful for what you've got. Not because it's what you are "supposed to do" or whatever. But because it's worth it. Like really worth it. 

Even if it costs you that little bit of time that you were going to spend on yourself, spend some time with others. And document it. If you have a blog, post about it. When I come back from break, I will have a post where you comment to link up to your documentation of your "others time." Have fun and I'll see ya on the other side. :) 

By the way, the bread actually did turn out to be as tasty as it looks. :) 


liz said...

I know I am commenting on this a little late. But I would love to do this sometime within the next few days. :))