November 25, 2011

everyday moments: a collaboration

It's been two months since the start of the collaboration between Carlotta and I. It's hard to believe really. November has come and gone. Wowsh. 

This edition of everyday moments is a little different. You see, it's all pictures from my phone. I used to be all paranoid about getting the perfect picture etc but I think part of this project is accepting the imperfections of every day life even by the way that you capture them. So the focus or the color probably isn't as good as my normal camera but hey. Who cares? It's every day life documented. 


[cherry berry in oklahoma!] 

[thanksgiving decor] 

[tea + editing] 

[silly boy]

[volleyball in oklahoma] 

[post library reading]

[evening music] 

 This is the post where you can comment with your links from the documenting life challenge that I gave out earlier this week. And don't worry if you didn't do it, feel free to leave a link to your blog anyway. I'd love to check out the way you see life. :)

Have an awesome weekend! I'll be eating turkey sandwiches if ya need me... 


Hayley said...

Tea is the best, isn't it? :) What's your favorite kind?

M├Ągi said...

Evening music definitely made my toes wiggle in glee.

liz said...

This was such a lovely post! I love what you said about how the pictures don't need to be perfect. LOVE. :)) Following. :))

Anonymous said...

Ellie. Seriously. Somehow you manage to take better pictures with your phone than most people can with a normal camera. :D

ellie be said...

hayley, my favorite kind is plain old black tea. :)

thank you everyone! so kind of you to say so :)