November 12, 2011

the next phase: part II

[part I

I am so excited to share the release of something that has been in the works for quite sometime. Announcing, for the first time on the world wide web... [wait for it]

Weddings + couples are my passion. They are my absolute favorite to take pictures of. So I am pleased to announce that I am transitioning over from lifestyle portraiture and into weddings, engagements, and couples. This part of my business is called i heart: love. 

So here we go. 


Over the next few days I will be continuing the celebration (yay!) by putting up galleries on my website of weddings that I have done. The family sections will be consolidated to a lifestyle portfolio. I will also be blogging some weddings. :) 


For my clients, you will get cool packaging with your prints and CDs. Yes, I was the lame one who did really lame things with those items. But no more! Over the next few days I will be also revealing that! 

So stick around. Because it's going to be a wild ride. ;) 


sarah b said...


Hannah Nicole said...

yay yay yay! I'm excited for youuuu, girl! :)

Allix Ruby said...

:D :D this is getting exciting!!!!

sarah elaine said...

yaaaay! i lovelovelove it all. :)

can you still take my senior pictures? and wedding pictures? and first baby pictures? and 50th anniversary pictures? ;)

Alannah Pang said...

So excited for you, Ellie!

Rachel Clarke said...

Woopity woop. :D

You should call me sometime this week to talk about this fancy packaging. :D