November 26, 2011

richard + evelyn

A while back I shot this wedding with Kristen (who is awesome sauce if you ask me).

So usually I go off and shoot some details. It takes me about 15 minutes to capture everything, no sweat. However at this wedding there were so many adorable details it took me almost 30 minutes to get to everything. It was amazingly put together and so beautiful. 

Amidst all of these wonderful details, there was practicing going on.  

And the bride!! As she was getting ready, she watched the preparations go on down below. 

And the groom. He was also getting ready.  Sweet moments all around. 

Okay, confession? This kid stole my heart. With the bowtie.

But I had to quickly move on. It was ceremony time.

This is going to sound so cliche. Forgive me please. But the moment before the bride walks down the aisle creates this pulpable wonder in the air. Waiting and watching. 

Until she comes. And Evelyn was a beautiful bride. 

Apparently Richard thought so... :) 

Aaaand married!! 

Let the party begin. It was in Evelyn's backyard and her family went crazy wonderful with the decorations (remember the details? yes please). 

That kid again! I'm sorry. 

The wonderful bridal party. 

We grabbed a few of the married couple. The candles... well let's just say that they didn't cause any trouble. Of course not. 

And that's it folks. Have an awesome week. :) 


mary ann said...

these are all so so so pretty! :)

Rachel Clarke said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Madie Marie said...

Wowza!!! Those are awesome!!! I bet they will love those!

liz said...