November 17, 2011

sentences from this week

Today, I found the perfect gray nail polish at Target. Score.

I am still missing Oklahoma. Can't wait to go back.

I tripped over a gate a few days ago and messed up my foot. I am so clumsy it's not even funny. Except when it is.

Flying at night is one of my favorite things.

My little brother is growing up so quickly. It makes my heart melt.

Video chatting makes the day better. It just does. 

"Guess why I smile so much." "Why?" "Because it's worth it."

I just sneezed and the glasses that were on top of my head fell down past my nose.

The End.

[ps. how was your week?]


mary ann said...

marcel the shell two <3

Anonymous said...

Dad: "I have a secret."

Me: "If you don't tell me I'll tell Anna that Pirates of the Caribbean just came in from Netflix and then you'll never get any sleep."

Becca Jones said...

cute post!

Rachel Clarke said...

My week was great! Had friends over this to talk to yoooou on Wednesday. Good week. :)