November 9, 2011

these november days

I am loving November this year. After our very early (too early in my opinion) snow back in October, I feared the worst for the rest of the fall season. However, it surprised me with 70 degree weather and brilliant blue skies. 

I'm very much of a fall girl. I like the spring, except when it rains. Which is pretty much all the time. The summer is great because of no school and sometimes beautiful weather, but I'm not one for Maryland's scorching heat + suffocating humidity (I almost typed humility. Not the word I was looking for there.) And winter. It's okay if it snows. Please don't give me freezing cold days, or sleet/rain coming down. I need cold + snow. Thank you. 

So fall is perfect. Wonderful weather, crunchy leaves, blue skies, and the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the day. Today was one of those days. 

I put on a fleece and my fun socks and gathered up some school books, an orange sharpie, and my phone. Outside on my front porch, I did my chemistry homework but took many breaks to look around at the wonderful world. I literally couldn't think of a better day. It was the kind of day where your stomach turned flip flop because the breeze was the perfect temperature. 

The sun was starting to go down so the glow was amazing. As a photographer I had to grab my camera because I couldn't let it pass. These pictures make me feel glow-y (yes. I made up a word) inside just like the sun on the leaves. 

I also have a mild obsession with graph paper. I. love. graph paper. It embodies fall and organization for me. It may be strange to put it that way but pretty much, that's the way it is. 

My chemistry notebook has a window into it's own world. ;) 

By the way, thank you all for your comments via the comments section, facebook, and email about the last post. You are so sweet. Sometimes I feel like I am the odd one out. You know, the girl who instead of filling out college apps is trying to launch a wedding business. Or the one who took the SATs once  instead of twice because I'm not going to college. I trust God yet I doubt Him too. And you all encouraged me and brought a smile to my face. So thank you. :)

On Friday, I am going on an adventure. In other words, a plane. By myself. To the beautiful state of Oklahoma. I look forward to sharing many pictures and words with you all. :) 

And by the way, November 12 is this Saturday. Don't think I forgot about it! 
much love

ps. please please leave some love in the comment box if you have never done so before. i'd love to meet you! 


Amanda said...

That's so exciting, Ellie!! I'll definitely be praying for you as you follow God's will in this next stage of your life. :)

Also, I live in Maryland too, and am also a senior. xx

mary ann said...

I know exactly what you mean about graph paper, and feeling glow-y! :) I'm taking chem too, and I like making it look all organized.
lovely photos!

Julianna said...

So excited for you girl!! I'l be preying for you! <3
P.S I love the photos :)

Christina said...

hello there! I looove your blog, especially this post. fall is the greatest!

Sara said...

That sounds like a PERFECT day! I love fall. Good luck in Oklahoma. :)

Hannah Nicole said...

ah! I love that last photo. And girl, excited for you! :)

carlotta cisternas said...

I think I need to visit you. oklahoma has fall...but not nearly like y'all up north. a bit jealous. ;)
and I'm so excited for you in your new journey...keep me posted chica!

hannah joy said...

aha! wow, i loved this post! :D
i know - i am obsessed with graph paper too. it's so crisp and neat and perfect.

btw, that picture of the reflection of the sky on your notebook was totally FREAKING me out for a couple minutes there. haha, i could not figure out how you did that... it didn't look edited... then i was like ooooh, your iPhone. haha. cool story. :D

Unknown said...

hi ellie! my friend moriah dufrin introduced me to your blog a while ago because i am a photographer and i just wanted to say that i love the photos you take! thanks for the inspiration =]

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