December 8, 2011

geoff + kelly

This wedding deserves exclamation points, fireworks, and maybe a parade. It was that beautiful. But not just the decorations or venue. The love was beautiful. (Cheesy line alert! Cheesy line alert!)

It started at the George Washington Hotel. After a long drive in the country through farmland, up pops a town and smack dab in the middle is this fancy place. Quite disorientating at first but we got used to it. ;)

And in that hotel we found a beauuuutiful bride. Inside and out. :)

Who had a gorgeous dress. I mean this dress had me taking pictures of it for a long time. 

Her shoes were also stellar. 

After a rainy car ride to the church, the girls were still bubbling with excitement. I mean come on! Their best friend was getting married!!! While waiting for the ceremony to start, Kelly took one last look to check over everything.

Then go go go! It's show time! 

At one end with the man who watched her grow up... 

To the end with the man who will watch her grow old. They are married folks! 

I had some time with the groomsmen to take their pictures. I love doing this at weddings because they all have inside jokes and slap-on-the-back-funny type attitudes. And then the groom is like, "Alright guys calm down. *turns to me* What do you want us to do?" It's pretty great, every time. :) 

Loving the parasols. Luuuhveeng. 

Pssst secret. If you look hard enough, you can see that it was raining in these pictures. But would you have known unless I had told you? Probably not. These faces are too smiley. 

No big deal guys! The extremely good looking mr + mrs!!! 

Then it was on to the reception. Not that I wanted to leave the portrait session we were having. But I did hear rumors about the theme revolving around winter? And I was intrigued. 

Yeah it rocked. 

Okay. Quick pause because I just want to say I LOVED looking around at the other couples attending the wedding. Adorableness overload really. 

One last picture of the newly married couple. Lovelove. 

(Oh! And by the way I shot this one with Kristen too! So thanks K for letting me shoot with you! And yes that is your new nickname :)) 


Kiley said...

such a beautiful wedding! :) great shots, Ellie. you are such an amazing photographer!

Hayley said...

awww, this is lovely. :) I love the pictures of where they are in the street. :)

liz said...

I am in love with these pictures. Especially one with them holding the flag in the street. :))


mary ann said...

eep! you are so talented and all these pictures are beautiful! i can't believe it was raining!

bekah grace photography said...

i am falling over. really good! the one with them in the road smooching and the one with the everyone chilling and the bride and groom in center (i think its the 15th pic) is like totally amazing... the colors are sooo gorgeous :)