December 30, 2011


2011 has come and gone.

So quickly it seems though when I think about it, I distinctly remember 4 seasons represented and therefore it seems much longer. I remember specific events and think, "That happened this year? It seems so long ago!" Or, "wow I thought that was 5 years ago!"And then the year becomes short again.

I would post pictures from this year. I really and truly would. But my camera is being sent away to be fixed and my hard drive crashed halfway through the year so I only have pictures from July until now.

At first I freaked out. What was I going to do without all of those pictures. How would I go on? (Movie quote. By the way.)

But God's been teaching me something. Trust. That simple word has defined and radically changed my life this year. Trust in my God who never changes and is always doing what is the absolute best for me.

So here's to next year. A new start, a fresh page, new mercies every morning from our Savior. I'll be posting about my resolutions (and hopefully pictures of New Years Eve!) on the 1st. But for now, goodbye 2011.

You've been good.

p.s. share your favorite memory from 2011. or link up to your year in review post. i'd love to see your thoughts. :)


Carrie said...

Here's my year in review post!

Anonymous said...

This is just my blog, but the post is right at the top. :) Follow if you are so inclined. :D