January 2, 2012

content to be

When I was 7, I grabbed a piece of orange construction paper and a blue marker and went outside to sit on my driveway. I glanced around at the house next door with it's worn plaster, our own stone steps leading up to our front door. I looked at the garden that belonged to the person behind us, and the tree lined street that stretched out in front of our house. We lived in an older neighborhood and for a little mind like mine, it provided so much inspiration. I scribbled down the story that was coming to my mind, a modern day tale of love and happiness. A story where the man confesses his love for a woman and she tries to understand exactly what love is. It's quite comical to read what my little mind thought about such subjects. 

I'm not much of a writer. I take English classes and get by with adding on to my meager knowledge. But I can't take words and make them sound magical. In other words, I'm not a blogger.

I guess technically I am. Because I blog. But I am not a blogger in the sense that I take words and pictures and combine them to make something beautiful. I am a photographer.

This is what I am trying to learn this year. I am tempted as I look around and all of the bloggers in the world to compare myself with thoughts like, "Well she takes good pictures AND writes good stories!" or "She's better than I am at this... or that." 

I love photography. I love being a photographer. That's my passion and job and I am so blessed to be doing what I love. I'm not a blogger. When I write, I write like I think (apparently my thoughts aren't very organized).  Some people are gifted with writing talent, some photography talent, some general blogging skills. 

And I am learning to be content in the place that I love. To be grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity to be a photographer. I've started a blog called Be Content and Trust as I seek to glorify Him in this. It's like my One Little Word project for the year using the word content. Follow along if you would like. 

Have a wonderful week starting off your new year. What are some of your resolutions? And are any of you doing One Little Word as well? 


mary ann said...

this sounds a lot like me!
one of my new year's resolution is to blog because I take pictures, not take pictures because I blog. because that's just no fun.

Sophie said...

I know exactly what you mean.. I'm not a writer, I'm a talker. I could talk for hours and keep you listening the whole time. But give me a word document and its like giving a little kid a double shot expresso, some candy and an icecream cone. It sounds way to excited and makes no sense.

anywayss thats a good goal! I'll be reading along =D