January 6, 2012

josh + samantha

This couple wins the best Ellie Be Photography wedding award for 2011. I'm sorry if you think otherwise because I am standing my ground. 

Tucked away, up the gravel road and in the beautiful mansion, Samantha was getting ready for her big day.

I went downstairs to snag a couple photos of Josh and his crew getting ready too. 

Let the wedding begin!

Kids at weddings = my heart melts. 

His face when he saw her. Ohh my stars that's love people. 

While the guests were milling around, we snuck away to do some portraits. 

Please take a breath because you might lose your ability to do so after looking at the beautiful-ness that follows. 

It got dark quickly, so we hurried back to the reception. 

Where they entered into their adorable first dance. :) 

They had Georgetown Cupcakes at their wedding! Hello! Your newest fan is me! 

Okay. They are cute. 


Beautiful wedding done with Kristen. They are gorgeous people with a gorgeous wedding. Love love. :) 


mary ann said...

oh my goodness, these are fantastic, ellie! i was going to tell you which one is my favorite, but then i lost track because they are all amazing :)

Olivia said...

this is my favorite wedding you've ever done! so gorgeous! :)

Hayley said...

Aw, how fun! (:

Alannah Pang said...

Oh, they are so beautiful. Great job, Ellie!