February 16, 2012


Two weeks of posting two times a week! That's double the success! :)


Meet Hannah. She's a young girl who is part of a family that has five girls + two boys (so close to mine!) and has an outgoing + extremely fun spirit. 

She is big into fashion so we did quite a few of the modeling poses. Can I get an "amen" to the fact that she ROCKED. IT. 

Whew goodness. Beaaauuuutiful girl. God also blessed us with a WONDERFUL day. In February! 60 degrees, awesome sunlight, it was all perfect. 

Hannah my dear it was SO fun taking pictures of you! You are too gorgeous for words + you rocked everything I threw at you. ;) 

[winter is kind of slow on the wedding front. so i do portraits! email me if you are interested and we can set ya up fine.] 


Hannah Nicole said...

love these, Ellie! so cute. :)

Melissa said...

Great pictures! I love her glasses :)


mary ann said...

these are gorgeous! i'm obsessed with the twinkly bokeh and the sunflare and the prettiness :)

Rachel Clarke said...

"Amen!!!!!!!!!!!" Wonderful job. And Hannah? you're a great model. Props to you too! :)