February 14, 2012

my heart

p.s. i wrote this post and scheduled it for today. then i unscheduled it and let it sit. i thought it was too cheesy. but we are going to try this. because i really do feel that this is fun + lovey for valentines day. ;) okay continue.


So last week I wrote about YELLOW. Absolutely, positively, my most favorite color in the whole wide world.

Speaking of world... (did you like that transition?)

I saw this poster and immediately fell in love. This rings true for me. Very true. I love to travel so much and have been so many places.

My grandparents own a cottage up in Canada + we go up there every summer. The lake, the raspberry picking, the late night fires + chats, the card games, the splashing in the creek, everything is amazingly wonderful. I've left my heart there.

I traveled down to Oklahoma this past fall. The people, the wide + open plains, the Sonics, the countryside, the city. It's all so peaceful and chill. Plus the Southern accents down there are seriously awesome. I've left my heart there. 

I used to live in Pennsylvania. I have two super good friends there. One, I have the occasional phone date with which makes them all the more special. The other I talk with almost every day. We are like twins separated at birth. I have fond memories of living in a 1940's Colonial style house, running through the hedge in our backyard to our neighbor's house where we would eat shortbread and play "Sick Kitty." That game involved sitting on the table and pretending to be a kitty at the vets office. ;) I've left my heart there. 

When I was a baby, my parents + I traveled to Cornwall + Scotland. I don't remember a thing. But I have seen the pictures. The rolling hills, the huge castles, the cloudy days, the beautiful mansions. Even though I have no recollection of the place, I've left my heart there.

I miss all of these places. And even though it sounds extremely cheesy, I've left my heart in places I haven't even visited. I know people in these places that are dear to my heart. Australia. England. Minnesota. Texas. Georgia.

This Valentines Day my heart is full with joy + gratefulness for all that I have. But at the same time, I must confess, its is aching for things of the past. Places and people that I have interacted with before.

I am celebrating this holiday at home with my dear and wonderful family. I am in Maryland, I am home. That's a comforting word isn't it? The neat thing about it is that you can visit all sorts of places but always know that your heart belongs at home and you can come back to it. Even if you have left it in a million other places. Cheese alert, I'm sorry.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. :)


Rachel Greene said...

Ellie, that was lovely :). I very much enjoyed it and can very much relate :D

Rachel Clarke said...

I wouldn't call it cheese as much as sentimentality. That's okay...my journal is full of it. :) I'm COMPLETELY with ya.

Love you, Ellie!

lucy said...

this was beautiful ! i would love to travel and visit as many different places as you have :)

Anna :) said...

Well don't I just feel so special! You left part of you're heart here with us in OK. Love you girly, come back soon. Oklahoma misses youu.