February 23, 2012

neal + danielle

Meet Neal + Danielle. They love the song Yellow by Coldplay.  Enough said.

Okay, maybe we can say a bit more about them. ;) 

They were neighbors wayy back in the day. When Danielle moved away, they barely knew each other.


Neal's brother + Danielle's brother were friends and so therefore Neal + Danielle hung out sometimes. In a group setting of course. Still just acquaintances. 

They both graduated highschool, got their little diplomas, and went off into college. They hung out at parties and other social gatherings and began to be more than acquaintances. Friend stage? Mhmm. ;) 

And as Danielle put it, "Then we started... to like each other!" Caaaute. I love it. 

Obviously they liked each other enough for Neal to put a ring on it. ;) They were out scouting wedding venues one day (because Danielle KNEW that maybe a proposal was coming? And venues are usually booked a year or so in advance. So she wanted to be prepared. Just in case.) So after they were done looking, they got some Starbucks, and started driving home. 

Except Neal didn't get on the highway - the way home. He took another route. He drove his girl to a hillside where there was a tree strung with lights + lanterns and Coldplay playing in the background (because they danced to it all the time. how adorbs.). And there, he proposed to her. 

They are really the cutest couple. 

This is where I said, "Okay! Now don't smile. Just look serious." They couldn't do it. They have that much fun y'all. 

They changed into their more country look and we headed a few miles down the road to a beauuutiful location. (Remember it from here? There was more green then! ;)) 

They started dancing and were telling me all about how they've been taking dance lessons and how they've gotten a whole lot better! I think they did great. :) 

Canvas!! Holllaa! 

So this next series is something along the lines of my favorite. ;) 

Aren't they so cute? Congratulations Neal + Danielle. Love you guys. :) 

p.s. to all of my deardear readers out there: anything you would like to see me post about next tuesday? or any tuesday for that matter? give me a holla in the comments. :) 


Rachel Greene said...

Oh, Ellie, these are adorable!!! You did such a lovely job!! :D

....IIIII think you should do a post about "The Hunger Games" hehe ;D

mary ann said...

oh my goodness, this post is adorable! it just makes me want to smile. great job, ellie :)

Kiley said...

These are SO cute, they are seriously so adorable. I love their outfits, too. Amazing job Ellie!

allie k reid said...

These are just lovely! I bet they are more than pleased to see these!! I know I would be. I love your pictures...the colors are fantastic. Do you use Photoshop?

Allix Ruby said...

presssssh!! :D

Becca said...

precious pictures Ellie! great job and woooohoo!! Neal & Danielle!!

ellie be said...

hey thanks so much everybody!! :)

allie: i use lightroom 3!

KyAnn said...

Heart. Melt. On the floor. These pictures are adorable!! :) Great job, Ellie!! I especially loved when he swooped her up into his arms and the forehead kisses..precious. ;)

Carrie said...

Very good, Ellie. It's so cool that you got to do an engagement shoot! I love the variety of looks and poses!

I have a post idea: Why don't you do a look into your camera bag...like what lens you like, or even how you edit your photos...

rebekah maka said...

she is soo gorgeous!! <3 great pics as always, ellie :)

Allegra Villella said...

These are so sweet! Glad I found your blog :D

Emily Sacra said...

These are absolutely fabulous! I love the variety of poses you got... they look very natural!


Sarah said...

Great pictures!! I have to say, the ones of them walking down the country lane look a loooooot like when Mr. Darcy proposed the second time, ya know? ;) lol!
~Sarah who got here via the fabulous Kristen :)