March 21, 2012

daniel // senior

"Will I get a post on the Ellie Be Photography blog?"
"Yes, Daniel. You will."


This past week was probably, literally, the craziest week of my life. Although, it was crazy FUN because I was able to take pictures for so many of my friends for their senior portraits. It's so surreal to be shooting these people that I have gone through highschool with and soon, we will graduate together. Weird. 

I got Daniel into Psych and smiley face emoticons. My life goals are complete.  

Daniel is a leader. And in every good way possible. He started back up Saturday Night Evangelism at our church that is going really well now. He leads in his groups of friends, on the sport teams he participates in, and in school. It's definitely a good quality to have. 

I literally have been trying to write about Daniel's sense of humor for 10 minutes and there are no words. He's just that funny I guess.

But seriously, I'm usually laughing when I'm around Daniel. At myself mostly, but hey. It's laughing. :)

[side note: i feel like he always wears those red shoes. i am convinced he doesn't own another pair.]

Daniel, thanks for asking me to take your pictures. Glad it was bearable. :) 


Becca said...

Really neat pics! :) You have a lot of talent!

sarah b said...

Awesome Ellie! ;)
- Eliza <3