March 16, 2012

jacob + whitney // waiting for chloe

First things first. This week has been the craziest week of my entire life and I am not exaggerating. I am now back to regular posting two times a week. It's like coming home again to a fire + a cup of hot cocoa. Okay weird analogy, let's just get to some pictures.


Jacob and Whitney have to be one of my favorite couples of all time. 

[By the way, Whitney you are positively beautiful.]

They love their little girl so much even though they haven't met her yet. Chloe Elise has been eagerly anticipated for the last nine months. 

see the session i did for jacob + whitney last fall here

ps. chloe was born just this past week! congratulations jacob + whitney. :)
pps. if you are interested to see who takes my pictures, check out kristen's post here for when she took my senior pictures. 


Natalie said...

aw these are adorable :) great job ellie!

mary ann said...

the sun flare in #3 - epic! love these :)

Hannah Nicole said...

one of my favorites, ellie! :) especially love this one. oh, and this one too. love youu!

Mary Kate said...

these are so cute! You are really talented. I love the one with the blanket around their shoulders. So sweet!

Rachel Clarke said...

Beautiful job Ellie!!! & congratulations Jacob and Whitney on the birth of your little girl! :)

carlotta cisternas said...

aw! these are seriously super cute.

Abby Leigh said...

aww i love!!

Anonymous said...

how ridiculously cute is that! and i totally love the name chloe elise. :D congrats as well on hitting 100 followers!