March 28, 2012

our sunshine // emily

A few nights ago, my sister Eliza had a friend over and Emily and I were just sitting around. Because that's what we do yo. Don't know where that came from. Anyway, I decided to take Emily out for dinner and a photoshoot. She loved it and so did I. Random and impromptu is the best, just saying. 

March is so beautiful this year. There are no words for how grateful I am that we completely skipped winter weather. Snow is just not my thing. Sunshine and warmth? You know that's right. 

Maybe I'm biased, but I really do have pretty sisters. 


Emily: Let's take pictures by the lake!
Me: Okay, but there are all of those geese...
Emily: GO AWAY geese! *walks towards them* Come on! Shoo now! Shoo!

Gotta love her. 

Some searching for treasures by the stream. 

Aaand I have been getting a few questions about how I edit my pictures in Lightroom. Be on the lookout this weekend for a video tutorial. It's exciting. :) 


Sara said...

Those greens in the second picture (and in general) are amazing! Like boom-wow amazing! You have beautiful little sisters. :)

Hannah Nicole said...

loveloveLOVE the fourth shot. beeautiful. :)

Rachel Clarke said...

You both have the same lips. She really is lovely. :) Beautiful pictures!!! Love the one with her hands folded on her knees. Very Jamie Delaine. :D

Hannah M. said...

Absolutely lovely. The green in the photos... breathtakingly beautiful and so luscious! :) I love my sisters too!

Becca said...

Your sister is adorable! :)