April 10, 2012

handstands + happy thoughts

"I remember when I really admired Carly Patterson. I'm going to look up some videos of her doing gymnastics!" 
watches videos
"Wow! She is better than I remembered! Haha, I wonder if I could do a handstand. I'm going to try."

I'd like to hit the pause button here and say I wish that mental voice was coming from a 10 year old. Um, no. It was coming from the mind of me, the almost 18 year old. I have never done a handstand in my life, please don't ask me why I wanted to try one then.

All that to say, the first few days of legal adulthood were spent flat on my back, sore as anything. I am no Carly Patterson let me tell you. I did give a Valentines Day card to Courtney Kupets way back in the day, but apparently that didn't make me part of the elite club of "Olympic Gymnasts."

But I can do jazz hands like nobody's business. So apparently I am good for something. 

So on that note! I have been thinking about happy things to take my mind off the pain. So far it's working. Below are some happy thoughts that I'd like to share with you. ;)

[apparently i need this book] 

[seen the hunger games movie? makes me laugh every time.] 

[this is really quite amazing.] 

[blimey cow has started putting out messy mondays recently. but quite a few years ago they did some skits that are pure GOLD. my sisters and i have been quoting this one constantly. ]

[just one more. this is adorable. and funny. it made me laugh and then i cried out in pain because laughing hurts. oh well.] 

Leave your own happy things in the comment box! I'd love to see what's making you smile this week.


rachel esther said...

Love the T-Rex, annnnnnd the whale. oh gosh I'm grinning my face off. ;)

Rachel Clarke said...

Hahahahaha!! I love all of these. Your writing is also quite funny, dearest. :)

simi said...

ellie, you are my twin for doing crazy things like random handstands. just sayin' xx.

Hannah Nicole said...

jazzzzz hands for the win, girl! i love all these pictures. they make me laugh. :)

sarah b said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ELLLLIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! :):):) I love that video........watched it like 5 times now........"LAIR LAIR LAIR!!!!!!!!!" lol
<3 Eliza

elisabeth said...

i love that you posted thanksgiving weak end!! it's probably my favorite of all their videos -- i've watched it multiple times. it's hilarious!! :D if you haven't seen stocks & bonds, that one's pretty funny, too. ;) and i love the t-rex. he made me laugh, the poor little dino...

Meredith Sledge said...

Awwww, I miss gymnastics so much! I wish I had kept at it but I have enough back problems as it is so its probably good I stopped!