April 18, 2012

an invincible summer

and so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, i had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.
- f scott fitzgerald 

one more from jenna's senior session 

Summer. The invincible summer in all of us lingers throughout the winter and spring as we eagerly await its full arrival. Summer, with it's warm breezes, ice cream, sunshine, and poolside visits. Summer, with its carefree nature, adventurous spirit, and lackadaisical mindset. A break from school + a rest from everything chaotic and busy. 

Summer memories anyone? Time to share. 


Unknown said...

going over to my grandma's house to use her pool, surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins.
playing mermaids and sharks in said pool, the smell of burgers and dogs being cooked on the grill, the sound of the meat sizzling.
drinking soda on the rare occassion mom said yes, gathering inside once the sun went down to play with the cousins. video games, movie, etc.

...ah, now you have me reminiscing. i miss my childhood summers :)

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Marina Lind Schmitt said...

Being home. Getting bubble tea and then playing frisbee in the park. Walking to the drugstore for candy. Playing on playgrounds (so whaaat if we're high-schoolers!). Barbecue parties. Love, love, love. And I pretty much fell completely in the love with the picture of the sparklers. Yup.

alex anne said...

I love this! And the sparkler photo is absolutely gorgeous. :)

Rachel Clarke said...

Camping for 10 summers for a week in Delaware (Cape Henlopen). It started out as just my dad, brother and me when I was 6, and soon we invited other close friends. They met our OTHER close friends, and now it's, "Whoever can come, come!" We spend almost all day at the beach, hang out with 4-5 families (but they're big...so that's a lot of people :D) and ALWAYS come home with sand in our hair and ridiculous tans. It's wonderful for me to see the friendships built with friends of ours that don't know each other. I love seeing moms and dad's talking around "their" fire, then walking up to the "kids" fire where 20+ are making are sitting on each others laps, telling stories, up song lyrics or squirting whipped cream. It's a wonderful summer memory. :)

...is that what you wanted dear? ;)

Abbie said...

That's so awesome that you actually used 'lackadaisical' in a post. I've always wanted to do that!

Summer memories? Going to camp with my friends. Going to the lake and taking one last dive in the sunset before we had to go. Sleeping with my windows open. Buying popsicles with my brothers. Going barefoot. Dancing outside during rainstorms. Hanging wet laundry n the clothesline. Biking around my tiny town. What can I say? Summer makes me happy.

Abbie /// XOXOX

liz said...

Awwww, yes,yes,yes,yes. :) Love this! Oh, and may I just say, that sparkler picture is AHAMZING, SPECTACULAR, MOUTH-DROPPING,LOVELY, EVERYTHING. I can't get over it.

Rachel Greene said...

That was beautiful :).

Hope said...

As if I wasn't summer-hungry enough already! This post is perfect, and I cannot wait for summer! My main summer memories are basically just staying up super late, biking down to the seawall to photograph a sunrise, having movie marathons with friends and doing wild things like walking through a pitch-black forest at 3 in the morning to visit a haunted castle! ;)

simi said...

lovely, ellie!! I can't wait for summer...when laziness finds respectability, as that pinterest pictures says :) xx.

Olivia said...

SUMMER CAMP with my girls! =)

Hannah lee said...

Elie is the bottom one you!? You look so cute!:) I just love summer!