June 6, 2012

so long, farewell...

Right now I am in South Carolina. I have been so blessed already just in my training for my actual Guatemala trip!

And so ends this time of blogging over here. I WILL BE BACK. In August. Stay around, go check out my other blog, and be thinking of and praying for my team as we venture into Guatemala this Friday!

I love you all! I'll see you in August. :) 


Rachel Clarke said...

*kiss blowing*
*flapping of skirts*

Abbie said...

love you too, ell! have an AMAZING time. praying for you!

Morgan said...

Have fun Ellie! and Good luck! prayers for you and your team!!

Becca said...

I'll pray! See you then! :D

Anonymous said...

Have fun!! :

Jianine ☺ said...

Have fun, we'll miss you! xx