August 27, 2012


People make fun of us all the time (in the nicest way possible). 

"Hey your last name is Berry? Haha what kind of berry are you?" 
"Ha. Um, I'm a person."
"Hahaha you are a strawberry!" 
"Um. Okay."

It doesn't help that my nickname is Huckle. (Get it? Huckle-berry? Yeah yeah.) It makes me laugh and it is something quirky that I love about my family. So when we went berry picking last week, of course, the berry jokes ensued. And we laughed. And ate way too many berries off of the bushes.

My little sisters (shouldn't call them little... they are growing up so fast) took pictures with my camera and laughed and ran up and down the rows of blackberries. We quoted movies and stared through the bushes at the cute little family in the next row. It was one of those times where life slowed down and it was wonderful. 

I feel like I am trying to soak up as much summer as possible. Of course, I wouldn't trade my two months in Guatemala for anything. But these past three weeks has been wonderful. I have been having "real summer" adventures. Bonfires, stargazing, weekend trips, you know. So berry picking was just the icing on the cake. ;)



Jocee said...

quite honestly, i want to eat this post. it looks divine.

Elisha said...

1) Those berries look deelish.
2) Missions trips are worth everything!
3) You look lovely!!


Hannah Nicole said...

"we should be best friends."


but scheriously. I love this almost as much as I love chocolate. and our inside jokes. that is saying something, woman!

also, month before christmas! #original

we are funny. "my tech savviness brings boys to the yard!"

I'll stop now. ;)

love youuu!


Abbie said...

this is suuper cute. like, seriously :)

carlotta cisternas said...

"we stared through the bushes at the cute little family in the next row." yeah, this is why you're my friend. my little berry friend. ;) also, berries = om nom nom.

Kinga said...

this is awesome. looks like a lot of fun!

Kiley Marissa said...

ohh, those look so yummy. :) also, you have the cutest sisters ever. like oh my gosh.


sarah b said...

Hey, I'm Strawberry. :) And that sign makes me smile every time we leave that place. :)

Hannah said...

gah love. just a little.

and by the way... cool last name. at least people know how to SPELL it... haha! more than I can say for mine. so Hannah P works fine. =)

Alina said...

This post makes me happy. Sad at the same time though, because summer is slipping away so quickly. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! And I especially like the one of you and your cute! Your hair looks really cute in a bun!
Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

You have the most precious last name. It's a part of you - never be ashamed of it!

Those berries look fantastic.

Anna said...

Very cute! Love this entire post.

Anna x

Christina said...

How fun! Berries are delish and I do enjoy photographing them. Beautiful pictures!