December 11, 2012

christmas traditions // kiley marissa

Kiley is a wonderful friend + such a fun person. I immediately thought of her when I was getting guest bloggers for this week. She is a marvelous photographer. Enjoy her post about her family traditions! And leave her some love! 

When Ellie asked me to guest post on her lovely blog here about family traditions, I kind of panicked because my family doesn't *really* have any family traditions. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized we kind of do, they just aren't really called traditions in my family.
(if you look closely you can see kasandra)

We all put out our Christmas tree together and decorate it as a family. We have a carousal we got from my grandpa a long time ago that turns on and plays Christmas music. Kasandra and Kalin love turning it on and dancing to it, especially in their pajamas at night when the only lights on are the Christmas tree and the lights from our deck.
(my mom is the most creative person ever. perks of being an interior designers daughter.)

(my camera and winter boots)

A real tradition in our family is Christmas cutouts. We only make them around the Holidays and decorate them as a family, with lots of frosting and sprinkles. They go quickly, because they are a favorite around here. I always tell myself I'll make more at other times, not just Christmas, but I never do. I guess that makes them a real treat. (or I'm just lazy.)
(and this is only yesterday-holy snow storm in minnesota.)

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Elisha said...

Your own Christmas tree!? That's so cute!

Lindsey Madison said...

lucky girl with all the snow! it feels like summer in north carolina :P haha.

Olivia said...

love these polaroids! cut-outs are a christmas tradition here too! :)

sarah b said...

I like this, Kiley! Your traditions sound wonderful and the pictures are marvelous. Merry Christmas!

Emily Boyd said...

I have the same feeling when I read everyone's Christmas traditions. We do little things, not a "we-always-eat-this-on-Christmas-Eve" thing.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post, Kiley. :)

Anonymous said...