December 5, 2012

decorating cookies // day five

There is a certain way that you decorate cookies. My little brother is an expert. 

1. Taste the icing. If it ain't good, it ain't goin on your cookie.

2. Use the dollop method. 

And stabilize the cookie with your fingers. 

3. Keep spreading until you have the cookie at least 50% covered.

4. Break out the sprinkles baby. 

5. Pour...


7. Gingerly touch the cookie so you don't mess up the icing. 

8. And place on a cutting board or other flat surface to dry. 

9. Let your older sister do the rest so she can take pictures of them. 

And that's what the profesh says folks. 

Cookie decorating + making in our house is a big deal. We love it.

(also, your responses to yesterday's post made my heart melt. thank you for your kind words + fun comments :)) 

Okay so it's Wednesday. The middle of the week. Aaand it can feel kind of slow at times. Therefore, I initiate THE WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE. Make and decorate your own cookies, blog about it, and link up here! I would love to see what you guys make. :) You have until next Wednesday! Aaaand go! Lots of exclamation points!!



Anonymous said...

Hehe! I love Jude! That is so cute. Oh my word I was cracking up! =P

-lizaaaaa <3333

haley jane said...

This is so cute! And, great pictures! :)

marcia said...

this is darling!!!! I will try my best to link up! :D

Olivia said...

oh yum! I love cookie traditions.. a yummy one :) ''let you sister do the rest, so she can take pictures'' i'm not the only one. xx.

Jo said...

I love this. Those cookies look so yummy! Send me some? lovely pictures!

Hannah Nicole said...

AW. jude. he gets me.
some inside joke.
"Just high-fived the corner of my coffee table with my face."
hahaha...amore, gatto

Unknown said...

my heart just melted! uh, can I borrow your little brother? ;) love your sweet tradtions, Ellie!

Lindsey Madison said...

ahhh ellie! this is awesome. and you have one adorable little brother, that's for sure. :)


Marianela said...

Awww these are so adorable, Ellie! Your brother is wayyy cute, and I must say that I adore your table. ;D

We make sugar cookies too for Christmas, and it's definitely one of my favorite family traditions ever! Matter fact, I think I'll take your advice and make some sugar cookies for tonight when I blow out the candles. ;)

Take care!

Keaton said...

Looks so good! What lens did you use? Lovin' that focus! :)

Madison said...

your little brother is so cute! :)

My little brothers always PILE on the sprinkles too...and the frosting. My mom always ends up saying, "Hey do you want a little cookie with your frosting and sprinkles?" haha.

I can't wait to cook and decorate cookies of our own. By looking at your pictures I can just taste the sweet frosting and the softness of the sugar cookie as it melts in my mouth. Ok, now I'm salivating. What have you done? Just kidding.I'm really loving your 24 days of Christmas cheer so far. :)



Jenn Noelle said...

love this. SO MUCH. now I want me some Christmas cookies, gee...

Abby said...

Your brother is adorable. AND POUR. hahaha.

Sara said...

I can't even handle all the adorableness and wonderfulness that is in this post.

Mal said...

Your little brother is so cute! He looks like an expert cookie decorator :) Haha I've seen enough little kids use sprinkles that I saw the huge mound of sprinkles coming when he was pouring it :)
-mal :)

Kristyn said...

mmm, homemade cookies! :)