December 18, 2012

felt garland // day eighteen

Whenever I go on Pinterest, I seem to see some sort of felt garland that is made using a sewing machine and I think, "Man I really want to make that." True story. And tonight, I have a tutorial of how to make one. Because I made one. And it's beautiful. 

I used a lens cap to trace circles onto felt and I cut them out. 

Next, I sewed through one circle, then lined up another one directly in front of it, and sewed through that one too. I continued this until all the circles had been sewn together. 


And then I hung it up. :) 

Super easy, all you need is felt and a sewing machine! 



Hannah said...

can we have a tour of your room? :) It's so awesome!!

Kristyn said...

love! :))

hannah joy said...

cuuuute. and yellow wall love. of course. :)

Mikailah Autumn said...

ohmyword. this is ADORABLE, Ellie! wow. ;) i've really been enjoying your 24 days of Christmas cheer. and i'm totally going to make this. ;)

xx / mikailah

Sara said...

I absolutely LOVE that you used a lens cap. That's fantastic. :)

Jessica Lauren said...

totally adorable! :) i'd love to do this sometime.

Olivia said...

your room is yellow! and love your shadow picture! cute garland of course as well :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! <3

And I love where and how you hung it up! :D

-lizaaa :)

Elisha said...

Yellow room.. Goo figure. So you. :)