December 10, 2012

traditions // day ten

one of our christmas traditions is on christmas morning, our parents wake us all up around the 6 o'clock hour and video tape our reactions to the fact that it's christmas morning. then we all scurry downstairs to the delicious smell of blueberry french toast with creme cheese. before we exchange gifts, we eat, and it's sooo hard to contain ourselves!
lindsey madison

every night in december we read a devotional and us kids go to bed by candlelight. it's the sweetest and i'll forever cherish these moments.
jessica lauren 

one of our christmas traditions that we do is to watch the "a white christmas" every christmas eve, before we open presents. 

my dad always has to make a spectacular meal for christmas eve, something we've never had before, often with a theme. like one year we had a whole mediterranean meal and it was fabulous. then we go to my church's beautiful christmas eve candlelight service, and often come back and open the little things in our stockings before going to bed. PLUS Jesus has a stocking too, since it is his birthday after all, and each year we write something on a piece of paper and put it in his stocking--something we want to focus on that year, a habit we want to give up, anything really--basically his gift. and then every christmas morning we eat my mom's killer coffee cake after lighting a candle or two and singing happy birthday to Jesus. 

one of our family traditions is to each pick one gift for someone else in the family for them to open on christmas eve after we get home from church. it's a preview of what is to come in the morning, and we usually have fun by letting each other open really random gifts.

every year our family goes out and eats chinese food (they are the only restaurants open christmas eve! :D) and then after our church service we get on our PJ's, make popcorn, and drive around for a good long while looking at the christmas lights that decorate so many of the houses around town!

our tradition is to have a big supper and gift opening together on christmas eve. my grandma buys us all new pajamas. then on christmas day we open stockings and wear pajamas all day.

I love traditions. I don't think I can say that enough. Every time we get our Christmas tree, or hang our stockings, or make cookies, I have all of these memories from past Christmases tucked away in my mind that pop out every once in a while.

One night in December a few years ago, my dad came home from work and said, "We are going to start a new tradition." I was excited. Anything new is exciting for me. We piled into the car, drove to Kohls, and bought a few houses (you know those small houses that people collect and put in their house for decoration?). We also bought some fake snow, a couple of tiny trees, and some figurines that were enjoying the Christmas season. We came home and set it all up and turned on the lights inside each house. It lit up and it was like a tiny little world in our hallway. Every year since then, we have added a house/building or two and more trees and people. It's grown to a small town. I love it. 

our own private village 

This year has been crazy so far but traditions have kept me grounded. I love spending time with family. 

I hope you are looking forward to hearing from some very special people this week as they share some of their family traditions! Love you all! 



Unknown said...

oh I love this post! I love everything about Christmas. one of our traditions that started about eight years ago is, we all sleep together in the living room on Christmas Eve. and on Christmas Eve mom and dad make a huge meal and we eat it like a picnic on the living room floor. sometimes (not this year) we open one present from one sibling. xx

Elisha said...

That is a lovely shot! And yay for Christmas ALMOST being here!


Kristyn said...

Traditions are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

All those traditions sound awesome! I also love the picture you took of the village! <3

- lizaaaa :D

Becca said...

My family has done that for around 18 years!!! We have collected and added on! Walgreens (Don't know if you have those where you live) always has neat houses, figurines, and really neat "village" things!

Madison said...

loved reading through all of the traditions. and your tradition is super cool. love the little lit up village.

traditions are so special.



Lindsey Madison said...

ahhh ellie! thanks for including me in your post. :) traditions are the best.

xoxoxoxox! ♥

Abbie said...

thanks for sharing mine, ellie! :) this week is going to be exciting.

Jenn Noelle said...

loved reading all these + love your family's tradition. :)