December 9, 2012

traditions week // introduction

This week is Traditions Week. I have some awesome guest posters coming in and I am SO excited to share with you, their Christmas traditions. 

Tomorrow, I am going to be posting a few of the traditions that YOU all left in the comment box way back on the first day. ;) I'm excited! I loved reading your stories. I love getting a glimpse inside people's lives. 

I hope you had a marvelous weekend. Here's to another full week as we count down the days until Christmas. Did you do anything Christmas-like over the weekend? 


Marianela said...

Can't wait!! :D My family and I just got done watching a "White Christmas", and I think we're about watch some "I Love Lucy" episodes pretty soon.

Btw, I wanted to let you know that I made those Cinnamon Ornaments that you posted on your blog. They turned out great, and are now hanging on the Christmas tree! ;)

and also, I was planning on making those sugar cookies last week, but I didn't have enough time to make them, so hopefully this week I will!

Thanks again for doing this Christmas event, Ellie! It's been a blast so far. :)

Take care!

Catherine Grace said...

Well I am not sure if I left a comment on the first post or not anyways- here is my tradition.

Every year we make christmas cookies for while we are decorating the Christmas Tree.

Also we each have mini christmas tree which we decorate and put in our rooms :)

Elisha said...

Can't wait Ellie! You always have the best ideas!