January 8, 2013

passion 2013

(so it took me forever to write this post because there is so much i want to say. passion2013 was incredible) 

I think sometimes (okay a lot of times for me) we put boundaries on God. We let our human thinking spill out on to our relationship with Him and inform our thoughts. We say, "Oh yeah, He can do big things," but then we only imagine the biggest things that our human minds can take. We forget that God isn't human. He can do immeasurably more than we can ever think or imagine. He can take a situation and flip it all around until we don't know what hit us. 

Last November, I visited University of Maryland and stayed with one of my good friends there. She mentioned that she was going to a conference called Passion. It intrigued me and she really wanted me to go, so I prayed and thought a lot about going. Sometimes I'm grateful that God just says "do this" because He really does know what He is talking about. 

Fast forward to December 31, 2012 (last year! so long ago gosh) and I was watching the ball drop with her and we were going to leave for Passion with a group of 26 people in the early hours of the New Year. I was pumped. I had expectations. I was like, "Yes, God is going to be there and it's going to be awesome and I'm going with some of my best friends and YES." 

And then God said, "How about I do something crazy?" And he proceeded to blow all of my expectations out of the water. From the first day to the last minute, everything that happened was beautiful and amazing and so filled with the Holy Spirit. Plus, the group I went with was filled with seriously some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I learned about freedom. Remember my word for this year? Well God continuously reminded me of it. How we are free to live our lives in full faith because God is always faithful. He is 100% there and ready for us ALWAYS. 2 Timothy 2 says, "if we are faithless, he remains faithful—
for he cannot deny himself." Even when we don't believe that God is good, He is. Never failing.

I am free to worship Him. I am free to live without fear. I am free to share the good news I have received with others, because I have everything in Christ. Can I get an amen?


I didn't take my Canon because it's just too big. But the iPhone shots I got are definitely sufficient enough. I love pictures. 

"breethe fire" 

fog in atlanta

one of the first sessions, i was blow away. 

so many people in the train station. all headed to worship jesus.

eating lunch with 60,000 people is pretty cool.

where we went for dinner one night. deeee-lish. 

candlelight vigil for freedom.

hello crazy people! 

everyone was split into family groups, this was mine. love these people. 

the architecture photographer coming out of me. 

loved this city. 

Our group.


Unknown said...

Amen and AMEN!!! I love when God completely blows us away!!

Olivia said...

It looks and sounds amazing! SO glad that it was an amazing experience for you! I'm hoping to go in a few years! :)

Elisha said...

DUDE. I wanted to go soo bad -- this looks like an amazing time!

Hannah Nicole said...

I LOVE this, Ellie. What a testament to God's goodness that your word was free and you were reminded of and experienced ABUNDANT freedom! oooh. so excited to go next year. can't wait to talk to you tonight!! <3 gate

Mikailah Autumn said...

amen, and amen, Ellie! freedom is Christ is such a blessing--what a great testimony to God's goodness, and the blessing of HIS freedom! :) and those pictures are really good, by the way... I loved looking through them.

God is so good... what a joy to be able to Worship Him with thousands of others. what an incredible experience! :)


ps--you have the most adorable smile, by the way. :)

Kiley Marissa said...

This makes me so excited for you! I love hearing stories of growth and seriously, our Father is AMAZING. It's just... whew. I want to go to passion next year, really badly. :)

Olivia said...

wow, wow, wow. the lights alone look amazing. I want to go next year SO badly- we'll see. looks like it was a great time & heart change for you :)

Unknown said...

goodness. YES. Passion was so amazing, and it was crazy mindblowing how God moved there....and is still continuing the aftereffects in hearts & lives across our country & WORLD!

the fire-breathing-cow. such a win.;)

I'd so love to hear more if you ever want to chat about it...hit me up! :)

simi said...

i've been following your adventure on facebook, and it looks downright incredible. wish i could have been there!

Anonymous said...



Mal said...

I have a lot of friends who went this year - it sounds like an absolutely incredible and Spirit-filled experience. I would love to go sometime :)
-mal :)

Morgan said...

Looks like you had a great time! I live an hour-ish from Atlanta!

Allison Clark said...

My brother went to that too...sounded amazing.


Unknown said...

Looks amazing! I hope God blesses you through what you learned from this. xx | Natalia,

Kristyn said...

So glad you were able to see God's goodness and faithfulness in this trip! I just heard about Passion this year, and I am just dying to go there. SENIOR YEAR HURRY UP AND COME PLEASE THANK YOU K BYE.

Jazzie Shea said...

So, so, so amazing. You captured Passion perfectly! I can't even wait for next year!
And I LOVEEEE the reminder that God IS faithful! He truly is capable of doing immeasurably more in our lives!

Abbie said...

Love all the shots of the city. Sounds like the conference was so good - God is just amazing, isn't he? :)

Holly said...

That sounds absolutely amazing...wow, wow, wow! :D

Yana said...

Beautiful recap! I'm still working on mine :)